Snoozer is the solo project of Susie, painter, illustrator and all around stuff-maker.

Her songs range from quiet, homespun melodies with harmonized vocals to synth-driven pop songs with handclaps. Snoozer has shared stages (sometimes ice cream) with Lois, Tami Hart, Sarah Dougher, Pants Yell!, Fred Thomas, Tae Won Yu, Xiu Xiu, Lovers, and more.

Her live sets are usually short, but her backlog of songs is long. She self-released a CD entitled "Songs" in 2000, followed by 2002's "Slot Machine" EP by her ex-band Snuggletooth, 2003's "Winter Stops all Sound EP" (on Happy Happy Birthday to Me) and a handful of songs for compilations. She has a video for "Labor Day" on the 2005 No Parachute DVD Comp, "Sub Zero" appeared on Total Gaylord's "Cwistmas Twee" comp, and a few songs landed on Kittridge's "Homemade Hits" compilation series, for which she also did the artwork. She performed as a participant in the Southern Girls Convention, New England Popfest and Athens Popfests.

See the snoozer myspace here.'s facebook page is here. Download songs here.

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Susie Ghahremani is an award-winning illustrator of picture books and illustrated products.