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weekend update

December 15th, 2006

this weekend:
saturday, dec 16th in los angeles: i’ll be selling at the bazaar bizarre
saturday, dec 16th in san diego: i have five paintings in “twinklepie” at magpie

currently showing art at: domy in houston, tx and gr-sf and receiver in san francisco, ca

tons and tons of new stuff in the shop including typewriter magnets, lake finch stationery, striped fox tees, zebra keyboard tees, finch tees, restocked mirrors, and a whole lot more.

new interview with me in the 2007 edition of “the artists and graphic designers market”

hibernation in t-7 days. happy holidays!

updates, art and hope

December 6th, 2006

hello! i have tons of new stuff to add to the shop this month, and the updates have only just begun with squirrel/bunny recipe cards, finch t-shirts, zebra t-shirts, and more. holiday orders ship before dec 11th, so please place your orders as soon as you can if you need them by xmas!

today is the last day to check out my solo show “BIRD CALL” at giant robot in los angeles. artwork available for view/sale online here.

also showing right now: six new paintings at the fabulous domy books in houston in a show curated by angie and ted of poketo. san francisco’s gr-sf is hosting a hand-cut wooden mobile i made in their ‘dinosaur party’ toy show.

los angeles! please come meet me and the things i make at:
felt club: dec 9th in hollywood
the bazaar bizarre: dec 16th

finally, let’s hope that they find james kim soon. all your positive thoughts and hopes and candles are very much appreciated by the kim family.


November 16th, 2006

wow, the turnout and enthusiasm about “bird call”, my solo show that this weekend in l.a., was just amazing. thank you so much to everyone who attended! gr2 has begun selling work online, and that can be found at, but last i checked, not all 180 paintings were up (yes, 180 was the final count!) the show (and the mural i painted on the wall) comes down on dec. 6th. we might have a closing reception at which i play some songs, so stay tuned.


i’m finally catching up with some of the work i left behind, including a much needed shop update! a bunch of new t-shirts have been added, as well as restocked owl hoodies (in two sizes), raglan shirts, boatnecks and more and hopefully i’ll have some new pouches sewn to add to the ranks by next week.

actually, i’m in another show this weekend, a show of handmade toys titled “dinosaur party” opening at GR-SF on saturday, nov 18th. i made a mobile, here’s a detail:

other things coming up: group shows in portland, san diego, and houston. i’ll be a vendor at both felt club, dec 9 and bazaar bizarre, dec 16, both in l.a. and am looking forward to sleeping in february.

bird call, one week away!

November 3rd, 2006

BIRD CALL, a solo art show by Susie Ghahremani at GR2
at Giant Robot, 2062 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
November 11th – December 6th. Opening night is November 11th, 6:30-10pm

the GR press release:

Ghahremani is a RISD graduate who has contributed work to Nickelodeon, Chronicle Books, and The New York Times, and is featured in this year’s American Illustration publication. Illustrations by the San Diego artist have a patchwork appearance that is simple in design, complex in execution, and all-around pleasing to the eye. In addition to making two-dimensional art, she crafts tote bags, buttons, wallets, stationery, and other goodies.

For Bird Call, Ghahremani is creating an expanded collection of animals, invented creatures, patterns, and color studies. There will be about 150 gouache paintings on wood, board, and paper. Dimensions range from “mini” to “not so mini.”

yes, 150!

here’s a sneak peek at some of the work i’ve been doing for the show:

psst! pass it on

November 2nd, 2006

i feel like a broken record, but i have a solo show at giant robot in los angeles on november 11th…hope to see you there!

after this is over, i have some exciting news and other things going on, including some new book projects, some craft shows, and some really cute finches.

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